CARTaGENE tablet

Access to the participants' portal

CARTaGENE will make a transition to a new online tool called the participant portal. This is a very important step for participants, CARTaGENE and future research. This portal will be the main way for us to communicate with you.

Your health: Our priority

CARTaGENE cares about your health and is interested in changes that might have occurred  in your health in the last few years. Therefore, CARTaGENE will communicate with you and all its participants to invite you to complete the health follow-up questionnaire.

CARTaGENE launches a NEW participant portal

You can easily complete this questionnaire with our new online participant portal, which will allows you to
communicate with us, be informed of research findings, and participate in studies relevant to your health.

Better research with up-to-date health data

Languages ​​are nowadays a predominant criterion in an application, especially if the company you are applying for has a strong openness to the international market. Indicate the languages ​​with your level (occasional, regular, professional, bilingual practice). It may be a good idea to indicate your passion for traveling if this is the case, or if you have taken linguistic stays of significant duration. Same, depending on the company and the position, Discover More Here detail your computer skills. This category may seem trivial, and many candidates do not value it. This is wrong because it can make a difference with another candidate! It allows the recruiter to know one more about you, your tastes, your personality. It can reveal your dynamism, a possible team spirit, your ability to get involved, ... Do not neglect it! The CV, usually on a page, is a tool to work upstream, either for a spontaneous application or in response to an announcement. He represents you and will be your sesame to get an interview. Once you have mastered the plot with our tips above, be vigilant and personalize it according to the company or the offer. In the case of an announcement, the specified indications will serve as a guideline, you will know what skill or experience put forward.

CARTaGENE will conduct annual health follow-ups through the participant portal. Health follow-ups increase the
scientific value of CARTaGENE providing essential information on how diseases evolve and how they can be
prevented, mitigated or treated.